Children Awarded for Park Logo Designs

A community campaign to refurbish part of a well used park in Windermere has got a new logo thanks to local Children.

The Windermere Park for All Committee and design competition winner and runners up

A logo design competition for the project was run through Windermere’s local primary schools, with nearly one hundred designs being submitted. The designs were whittled down to just four with a presentation for the Winner, second place and two runners up having taken place on the Rec on Sunday (12th May).

Local mum Vikki Bolton, who is a member of the Windermere Park for All committee, thanked all the children who had worked so hard putting together designs:

“The number and quality of the designs was excellent, it just shows how engaged our community is in working toward a better park for all.”

The Winner was Molly Lawrence who will not only have her design used as the campaign logo, including integration into the design of the park, but also bagged goodies including a family cruise pass courtesy of Windermere Lake Cruises and some chocolates.

Amy Thompson, Vicky Bolton, Agi Tasker, Molly Lawrence, Morgan Doughty and Councillor Ben Berry

Speaking at the awards ceremony on the Rec local Councillor Ben Berry praised Molly’s design saying:

“We loved how Molly integrated Windermere Park for All, users of the park and a very happy rainbow in one design. It will show our funders what we are all about and I hope we can get it immortalized here on the park.”

Also thanked were Lucia Musetti, Georgina Boden and Gemma Hayton all of whom had designs that were shortlisted by the Committee.

Campaign launched to see improvements in Windermere Playground

A campaign has been launched hoping to secure hundreds of thousands of pounds to invest in a popular playground and park in Windermere.

Windermere Park for All is a constituted group that is working with local Authorities to realise an exciting vision for a new playground and outdoor activity space on Windermere’s Queen’s Park (more commonly known as The Rec). The team is keen to listen and work with residents to see the improvements made. The group was not set up by the Council, but by residents keen to improve an important asset for the town.

Vikki Bolton, a mother of two and a local school teacher, commented on the launch of the group saying:

“We are very excited to get this campaign underway. The playground is very well used but the equipment is tired and the ground conditions aren’t ideal. As a group we have an exciting vision that we hope everyone can get involved and engaged with. We are so excited to be working towards a better park for all.”

Windermere Park for All have already met with the landowner, South Lakeland District Council, who are said to be very positive about what the project is hoping to put forward.

A budget has yet to be set but the group are looking for any and all support from Individuals, Trusts, Community Service Organisations, local businesses and the Council. The Group stress that at this stage community involvement is more important than money. The Group want to work with everyone and anyone who wants to be involved.

Chair of Windermere Park for All is Windermere’s Councillor Ben Berry:

“Some of the facilities on Queens park have needed renovation for years, I am very excited that we have an opportunity not only to look to renovate those but to bring new facilities to this wonderful park in the heart of our community.”

Windermere Park for All officially Constituted

At a meeting today (Friday 24th November 2017) Windermere Park for All was officially Constituted at its first Annual General Meeting. Lamplighter Dining Rooms kindly hosted the first six members of the group who will now form the committee

The Constitution sets out the aims of the group as well as what the group can do and what roles different Committee members are expected to carry out.

A very important part of the Group Constitution sets out that anyone and everyone can be a member of Windermere Park for All. If you want to be a member simply Like us on Facebook.

The Groups Community and Press relations Officer is Amy Brunton who welcomed the news saying:

“This is a very exciting project that the whole town can get behind. Becoming a constituted group gives us the legal standing to go to funders, authorities and the community and make a positive difference to our community.”

Website Launch!

Welcome to Everyone from the team at Windermere Park for All.

We are delighted to launch this website as part of our strategy to make Queens Park (The Rec) a place that the whole community can be proud of.

On this website you can find out more about who is behind the project, contribute to our plans, see how the fundraising is going and much more.

We look forward to having you involved.