What is Windermere Park for All?

Windermere Park for All is a community push for a better park. Everyone is welcome to get involved and pitch in ideas, fundraising and hard work. The community will be integral to the project at every stage. Keep an eye on our social media and this website to get involved.

Who is Windermere Park for All?

Windermere Park for All is a push from the community with the aims of improvements we all want to see. There is a core committee and you can find out more about them here.

This or that Councillor said this was all their idea?! 

It doesn’t matter whose idea it was, just that the community is behind it. Windermere Park for All is “apolitical”, that means it has no allegiance to any political party. However, the project was started in early 2017 by Ben Berry, Stuart Parker and Morgan Dogherty who were soon joined by Agi Tasker, Amy Brunton and Vikki Bolton.

This all sounds expensive. How are you funding Windermere Park for All?

Windermere Park for All has yet to set its budget. But you’re right, to get the best facilities that our town deserves then a significant investment will need to be made. The group will fundraise, apply for grants from Local Authorities, Charities and Community Service groups, as well as get corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in helping financially please get in touch.

What specifically are you hoping to renovate or bring to the park?

Our Playground needs a full refurbishment with new equipment. The skate park has some issues, a new skate park could be safer, quieter and cost less to maintain. We want everyone to be active, a BMX pump track is a great way to get people of all ages out and burning calories.

Windermere Park for All are open to any and all ideas.

There is more than one park in Windermere, which one are you talking about?

Windermere Park for All is specifically looking at Queens Park, more commonly known as the Rec. The Group is mainly looking at the area around and adjacent to the existing playground.