Windermere Park for All officially Constituted

At a meeting today (Friday 24th November 2017) Windermere Park for All was officially Constituted at its first Annual General Meeting. Lamplighter Dining Rooms kindly hosted the first six members of the group who will now form the committee

The Constitution sets out the aims of the group as well as what the group can do and what roles different Committee members are expected to carry out.

A very important part of the Group Constitution sets out that anyone and everyone can be a member of Windermere Park for All. If you want to be a member simply Like us on Facebook.

The Groups Community and Press relations Officer is Amy Brunton who welcomed the news saying:

“This is a very exciting project that the whole town can get behind. Becoming a constituted group gives us the legal standing to go to funders, authorities and the community and make a positive difference to our community.”